Tom Ford: “Are you happy?
Karl Lagerfeld: “Darling, I’m not ambitious.”

MICHAEL V. FARLEY (AKA the Beige Channel, The Ephemera Design Firm, Caramel Snow)
107 Berwick Road
Delmar, NY  12054   USA
(518) 439-0823/(518)421-1783


Bachelor’s degree / Music Composition / Daemen College (Amherst, NY)
Master’s degree / Comparative Literature / University of Wisconsin (Madison)
Master’s degree / Music Theory and Composition / UW (Madison)
Master’s degree / Library and Information Science / State University of New York (Albany)


Lifetime Pop Head, “50/50” – Some Assembly Required, 2010.
Wash/Rinse/ Repeat, “Auricular Audio Magazine #13,” – Auricular, 2008.
Acorn Fall, “Unsafe Sonic Art,” – Chaotic System, 2007.
Sam’s Club, “Bend It Like Beckett,” – Sound Works, 2006.
Train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, – “ 6,” 2005.
Starring Pandora Sparks, “USA/USB,” – Shadow Puppet, 2004.
Pink Pillbox, “Screed,” 4th edition, Magazine/CD, – Miss Mary’s Art Space, 2003.
Coffee With Cat, “ 4,” 2003.
Tinsel, “TENSILE,” Labile Music, 2003.
A Glamour Don’t, “Grain,” – DOTDOTDOT Music, 2003.
Untitled, “60 Degrees Somewhere/60 Degrees Somewhere Else” – Throat, 2002.
Arizona Underground,  – “ Compositions using field recordings #2”, 2002.
Implosion, “lowercasesound 2,” – Bremsstrahlung Recordings, 2002.
The Profile of Mary Jane Russell, “No Compression Festival No. 1,” – Little Fury Things.
Dining on Shortwaves,  “CCA: 4X4,” – CCA, 2001.
This Train Is Out of Service, – “ 2,” 2001.


Evening In Paris – Cyclene, 2012.
The Nail House of Yang Wu – Stasisfield, 2011.
After Karanis – included in Wave 2, Stasisfield, 2011.
The Palace of Gathered Elegance – Cyclene, 2010.
Quatrefoil – Happy New Year Recordings, 2009.
Shamian Main Street, a soundwalk, Guangzhou, China – Wandering Ear, 2009.
Shang Xia Jiu Lu, a soundwalk, Guangzhou, China – Sound Is Art, 2009.
Field recordings and remixes – Radio Village Nomade, 2008.
4 compositions using field recordings & children’s toys – mp3s for Addenda ( 2004.
Recipes from the Scary Kitchen – mp3 album,, 2003.
Nice Belt, Centibel, 2003.
Bent Lice, Centibel, 2003.
MJR7, 7econds,, 2003.
Futureville,, 2003.
HVNHL2GO,, 2001.
Cling; Clang; Clung,, 2001.
Malversation,, 2001.


Shadow of the Dolls: Ossicles phonography series #2: processed field recordings – Happy New Year Recordings, 2008.
Enjoy Victoria Bay: Ossicles phonography series #1: unedited field recordings, Happy New Year Recordings, 2007.
WHY NOT TAKE A DAYDREAM AND WEAR IT, Happy New Year Recordings, 2007.
AMUSANT!, Happy New Year Recordings, 2007.
Autumn Rain in the Yard, Happy New Year Recordings, 2006.
Plain Vanilla, Happy New Year Recordings, 2004.
‘bugstyle,’ MP3.Com, 2000.
TWISTMIXER, Quadratl, 1998.


UAG Gallery/Mohu Festival – Albany, NY.
Arts Center of the Capital Region: Wired Kingdom –Troy, NY.
I/O U FM – live webcast.

Arts Center of the Capital Region: Wired Kingdom – Troy, NY.
Nebraska Pop Festival – Omaha, NB.

International Computer Music Conference – Stony Brook University.
Mildred’s Lane – Beach Lake, PA.

Art Center of the Capital Region – Troy, NY.
Saratoga County Arts Council, Arts On The Edge – Saratoga Springs, NY.
Samuel’s Coffeehouse – Alplaus, NY.

106BLDG30 – Brooklyn, NY.
RPI Chapel and Cultural Center – Troy, NY.

Albany Public Library – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, live soundtrack w/ Jim Sande,  Albany,  NY.
Solar One/Make Music New York – Stuyvesant Cove Park, NY.
Wave Farm – Acra, NY.
Moso – Beacon, NY.

Perfect Blend Cafe – Delmar, NY.
Issue Project Room – Brooklyn, NY, New York Phonographers.
Re:Soundings series – Valley Falls, NY.

BPM – Brooklyn, NY, New York Phonographers.
Home Listening, Live Webcast – Brooklyn, NY, with Ian Epps.

Home Listening, Live Webcast – Brooklyn, NY, with Sawako, Ben Owen and Mike Rosenthal.
Firlefanz Gallery – Albany NY, Shock and Awe performance series.
Gasholder Building – Troy NY, New York Phonographers.

Saratoga Springs Public Library – Saratoga Springs, NY.
Diapason – NY Phonographer’s Union,  New York City.
“Share” at the Openair Bar, New York City –  with Omnid.
Placard Festival – The Tank, New York City – with Ben Owen and Tom Mulligan.

The Larkin – Albany, NY – with Eric Benoit
Engine 27 –  New York City – New York Phonographers – with Chris DeLaurenti, John Hudak, and Ben Owen.

No Compression Festival –  Syracuse, NY.
GRIST – The Old Bookmill – Montague, MA – with Greg Davis.


“pseudocrist mist,” soundscape for the Alchemy Film Festival – Hawick, Scotland

“Smile World” included in the listening stations, Sonic Vigil V – Cork, Ireland.

“Shang Xia Jiu Lu,” Sound Is Art, blog.
“Houtang,” Trace Label, Phono Photo collection No. 6.
“Baghdad Battery,” Traveling Sound Museum by Mike Rosenthal – New York, NY.
“Mia’s Bedtime Songs,” TheROOM by Keiko Uenishi – Medien Kultur Haus, in Wels, Austria
“Kakuzitzu,” soundart piece, exhibited at the Upstate Artists Guild gallery,  Albany, NY.
“This is…” video, Howard Golan Gallery, Art Basel Miami, 2009.

AMUSANT, included in “ART IS NOT MUTE” – travelling exhibit of sound art, Ersta Konsthall – Stockholm, Sweden/ Institute of Contemporary Art – Dunaújváros, Hungary/Botkyrka Konsthall – Sweden.
Contributor, “R(H)umeur collective – part 1,”  broadcast on Radio Grenouille, Marseille, France.

“Acorn Fall,” accepted for diffusion during the Unsafe: Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music, Dorset, UK.
“Gravity Problem No. 3” was selected by Time Labs (Vienna, Austria) for a radio show simultaneously broadcast across 9 European countries.
Contributor, “Giant Ear))” radio shows (“Wind powered works,” and “Ghosts in the machine”) hosted by the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology on free103point9 online radio.
“Envelope of Levels,” accepted for diffusion during the World New Music Festival, Stuttgart, Germany.

Sound Designer – “Mouse,” a play by Katherine Ambrosio, Hilton New Music Center, Albany, NY.

Co-curator – TENSILE, CD – international experimental acoustic guitar anthology, distributed by Verge Music.

Sound Designer – “The B-12 Connection,” a play by Katherine Ambrosio –  Sande Shurin Theater,  New York City.

Composed music for theater productions at the State University of New York at Albany,
including Oedipus Rex, Desire Under the Elms, and Approaching Zanzibar.
Guitarist-Composer with The Jim Sande Ensemble (CDs: “Melting” -1998, and “Cyclorama” -2002).


4X4 – Glasgow (Scotland) Centre for Contemporary Arts, 2001.


Some Assembly Required, blog, July 8, 2007.


Matiere Brute – Radio 666, 99.1 FM, Caen, France.
“Framework” – Resonance 104.4 FM, London, England.
“BiP HOp Generation” – Radio Grenouille 88.8 FM, Marseille, France.
“Audio Exotica” – WEVL 89.9 FM, Nashville, Tennessee.
“Sonar Map” – KSER 90.7 FM, Seattle, Washington.
“Some Assembly Required” Radio K, KUOM 770 AM, Minneapolis, MN.
“Possible Musics” – 3ccc-FM, Victoria, Australia.
“Sleepless Nights” – KGNU, 88.5 FM, Boulder, CO.
“It’s Too Damn Early” – WDBX 9.1fm, Carbondale, IL.

“Xstream Radio” (France) – Top Ten List #19.
“Friendly Persuasion” (USA)- Antenna Radio.
“Eldorado” (Sweden) – Sveriges Radio.
Giant Ear))) – free103point9

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